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Butter Chicken.

I know what you must be thinking. Am I going to start any cookery show? Is it my new line of business? Well NO.

It’s the leisure time in my life which is giving me time and space to do things close to my heart. I have been a die-hard foody and butter chicken sits at the top as one of my favourite dishes. You can describe its gravy as the king of gravies. I had always wanted to learn the secret of cooking this yummiest dish but there were always other important things in life which never gave me time to spend on such things.

And Those important things were worrying about my job and earning money for my family. I spent 13 years of my life worrying about these things only.

Butter Chicken

After losing my job, I didn’t search for another job for long and it was not coming either. Then I learnt about earning through internet and it changed the whole game. I took the right mentorship for success in this trade and it changed my life forever. I am my own boss and there is a sense of freedom which I kind even describe in words. I have so much time to follow my other passions like cooking and working-out in gyms.

Coming back to butter chickenSo I have been trying my hands in cooking the tastiest dish for long now. It was not coming out good initially. But I kept trying and I also followed cookery shows of famous chefs which helped me ultimately in cooking a delicious dish to my standards.

So what’s the learning here? You can’t get success alone in your first attempt. You have to put the hard work and you have to seek the guidance of people who know the trade.

I am already feeling hungry writing about butter chicken.

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