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Richard Branson, in one of his interviews he gave a critical message.

“We live in an age in which too much emphasis is placed on colleges and universities. This is unfortunate. The harsh truth is that more and more students are racking up debt every year to get a certificate that doesn’t guarantee a career.”

Out existing School/College education system is not equipped to help us to become an entrepreneur, as they don’t teach entrepreneurship.

I am from India and have done my college education in Commerce but what I was doing in job, had nothing to do with commerce as I was working in Walmart store as Retail Trainer. Like every ordinary person I was also looking for a good degree, that was the only immediate next aim after passing school education.

And you know, all went wrong when I wasted almost 13 years of my life in Job world using the same education which I learnt from School and College. It didn’t work and I was in very miserable position when my boss fired me in 2013.

Further, I have already shared my story many times in many videos but today I am sharing a story of Indian settled in Australia.

Interview in Hindistory of Indian settled in Australia

Interview in Englishstory of Indian settled in Australia

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