Why do you need A Mentor ?

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Why do you need A Mentor ?

Today I would like to discuss one important aspect of Internet marketing business. And that is mentorship or coaching. This concept is perhaps true for every industry. A mentor or a coach is very important if your want to achieve the desired results in your business and want to make it big.

Why do you need A Mentor ?
Why do you need A Mentor ?

This question of investing in coaching or mentorship would have come to your mind as well, and you would have thought that I am intelligent and I am  knowledgeable about this internet marketing business and I can do it myself. Well I will ask you another question. Tell me, do you consider yourself successful in your business, are you getting the desired results. If the answer is No ,then the reality is you do need a coach or mentor. I know many people get lured into internet marketing business considering its easy business and you can earn money without doing much while sitting at home. This is the sales pitch of most of the people to their prospects or leads. I would say its not entirely false but its not entirely true as well. Its true that you can earn sth in this line while sitting at home. But your earning would be limited only. Well, Its OK if DON’T aspire for more. Nobody can ask you to dream big. But if you do, then without coaching and mentoring you won’t be able achieve much success.

Many people still think that would like to do it themselves without any coaching and you would have seen somebody else doing it and succeeding as well. But the %age of those people would be very less. I would consider them as exceptions and not a normal thing. Reality is, you go alone, your journey to success will be very long, you will have to undergo many failures one after the other before you could get any success as you would be doing lot of hit and trial. And in 90% of the cases, such people would quit on the way as they won’t get much success. They would consider thats its not their cup of tea and they will quit. They become QUITTERS.

Now, if a you invest into a good mentor, he would cut-short your struggle period to great extent. Because your mentor has already gone through that path which you aspire to go. He has gained immense knowledge and expertise by learning from his failures. He has developed his skill set to be successful in this industry. A mentor would help you create right set of strategies for you and create a complete road map for you. Your failure rate would drastically reduce and your success rate would increase. You would be able to achieve the desired results in a shorter span of time.

In any business, you need to invest as well to get good returns just like in any other business. You invest in a product, buying traffic, putting ads etc. Investing in a mentor is also an investment in your overall business and return on this investment could be very high.

So, I would strongly recommend, you invest in a good mentor if you really want to achieve awesome results in your business and increase your earnings manifolds.

I hope you have got the point and would take the next step of investing in a mentor.

In my next video/audio/blog/post I would discuss about how to find a right mentor.


Vikas KumRai – The Coach!!

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